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Curtis Hardfing - Hopeful

Curtis Hardfing -  Hopeful - 2021

Now in this present darkness
All ears just listen
A mass has formed to cure the common condition
Though black as a cloud in a war ridden sky
The lights will shine through 'til this bullshit blows by
And the best of me, I won't settle for less
I'm convinced and once I'm convinced then I'll manifest
A catalog of parables that's broke down in a tongue
That's been corrupted no substance to be hidden from
Now it's erupted brought forth from a dream
A stream underwater without an option to sing
Not to pacify you but homie to truly change
When you stare at the heavens
You'll see the stars have rearranged so be (hopeful)
Well (hopeful)
Aah, ha (hopeful)
Yeah (hopeful)
We gats to be (hopeful)
When you can't see (hopeful)
Aah, ha (hopeful)
Yeah (hopeful)
We're in the middle of a monotonous storm
Made from messed up music motivated I mourn
Melodic melody that moves and mediates
Evolution of change to pulsate the mind state
It's not impossible for our mission to succeed
You ask are we chosen, I'll say indeed
We've studied and trained for a warrior mind frame
The counsel has gathered thicker than soap is lathered
Don't fret 'cause it ain't over yet
But by the time he hears, your cries will turn into cheers
No fears just hold on tight
Because the darkness will be over by the end of the fight
With doubt and fear, jealousy
All the things that cause casualty
To your soul let it go
Most of all be hopeful (hopeful)
Well (hopeful)
Let's just be (hopeful)
When you can't see (hopeful)
Just remain (hopeful)
Yeah (hopeful)

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